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CDB Grants Monies to Improve Water Sector in Belize

Belize has been approved as a grant recipient by the Caribbean Development Bank.  The grant is for just over two hundred and sixty thousand Belize dollars and is allotted for technical assistance towards making Belize’s water sector less vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.  In an online article, it stated that Belize’s water sector is threatened by the climate change impacts and the Belize Water Services Limited needs to take action in improving the country’s resilience and to integrate the considerations of climate change in its operations.  The monies from the Caribbean Development Bank will aid in financing the consultancy services that would assist BWSL in its effort to develop a climate risk and vulnerability assessment for three water systems.  It will also aid in formulating an adaptation plan of action that responds to the vulnerabilities identified as well as construct the necessary capacity for BWS to conduct assessments on the remaining systems as they pertain to risks and vulnerability.  Training for staff members will also be covered with a portion of the grant money.  The training should cover topics ranging from strategies for climate change adaptation planning to strategies for managing climage vulnerabilities, among others.  This move in improving the water sector comes following an assessment in 2014 that showed the need for a more standardized assessment, monitoring and reporting process in order to make the water and sanitation sector in Belize more resilient to climate change.  The grant money will be drawn down from the CDB’s Special Funds Resources.