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Rene Villanueva Sr. (left)

Celebrating 50 years of Broadcasting

Dr Rene Villanueva celebrated 50 years in the broadcasting industry in Belize on January 15, 2018.  Over the years he has had numerous encounters with persons from all walks of life.  We spoke to a few of those persons and asked them how they met Dr Villanueva Sr. (The Chief).


Dr Rene Villanueva was instrumental in the implementation of TV news in Belize and his contributions to the broadcasting industry in Belize have been tremendous.  As a tribute to him and his 50 years in broadcasting we spoke to past and present Belizean media personalities as well as other individuals from the private sector who have recognized Dr Villanueva’s input in nation building.


Meet Melvin Flores,  a Belizean who migrated to Northern Ireland and continues to work in the communications industry.  He had a short stint on Estereo Amor and has worked closely with Dr Rene Villanueva.  Upon Dr Villanueva’s 50th anniversary in broadcasting, Melvin Flores submitted a personal message in honor of Chief’s anniversary.


The below video is a compilation of the congratulatory messages recorded especially for Dr Rene ‘Chief’ Villanueva on the celebration of his 50th anniversary in broadcasting.

The videos featured in this article were produced by Multi Media Systems.