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Celebrating Dental Health Week with a Smile

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is celebrating Dental Health Week. The Dental Department held a mini fair as one of the final activities to cap off the week. Dr. Raphael Samos, a senior dental surgeon says that there are many different services that dentists offer.

Dr. Raphael Samos Senior Dental Surgeon: We have been having dental activities throughout the country, this is one of the events that we just culminate with and try to create greater awareness in terms of all about what the Dental departments do.”

Jose Sanchez: So what is the Dental department? what are they doing?”

Dr. Raphael Samos Senior Dental Surgeon: We have several programs running, we have dental education to different schools, we have the normal day to day clinic: the Outpatient program, we do services for the prisoners, we do have service to pregnant mothers: the MCH program and we also tried this year to give service as to the BDF.”

Jose Sanchez: “People who are below a certain income bracket, people who are below who are poverty stricken. Dental care is something that is not easy to access, do you have something in place for them?”

Dr. Raphael Samos Senior Dental Surgeon: Yes over the past years it had been only extractions that we used to offer but over these years that I took over we have been providing more services, of course there is still much much more to go.”

Dr. Samos says that they try to provide dental care at a minimal cost to the public.  Dr. Samos says that over the years there has been an increase in the number of people who have requested dental services over the past decade.

Dr. Raphael Samos Senior Dental Surgeon: The statistics I have is from 2009, we started at a population of about 28,000 more or less and this is country wide for over 10 governmental dental clinics and now we have increased all the way to 33,196 so it’s a very huge margin that we are servicing, we wish always to give more services but of course we are limited and we have to recognize that. There is a big trend, before they used to come only for extractions. They tell me you know what “take out this one” but now they are asking “what services are available? what are the options? what are my options?” And it goes to show that the dental education program is working countrywide.”

Jose Sanchez:and what do you see other than extractions?”

Dr. Raphael Samos Senior Dental Surgeon: There is so much more services available, the Dental program itself, dentistry on a whole give so much ways of recovering a tooth from if there is small cavity, the brushing to the small cavities which can be fixed with a very small sealant to the actual cleaning and fillings goes from different sizes, different phases of the mouth, two recovering shaky teeth with periodontal problems to removing of teeth and replacing it to return the functionality of the mouth with either bridges, dentures and now even implants.“

As part of today’s activities, other sections of the hospital participated in the event to educate the public about ailments such as diabetes.