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Celebrating International Literacy Day

Today was observed as International Literacy Day under the theme “Literacy in a Digital World”. The world has been observing this day for over 50 years, while here in Belize, it has only been 5 years. Today, the day was commemorated under the local theme “Read to a Child Today and Every day” and schools gathered at the BTL park in Belize City to mark the occasion.  Zairah Arthurs, a student of Bernice Yorke, who gave the welcome speech, said quote, “Digital Literacy goes beyond the scope of being able to read and write but includes the ability to use information and communication technology to find, evaluate, create and communicate information requiring both practical and critical knowledge.”  Patrick Flowers, Education Officer shared with the media the importance of the day.

Patrick Flowers – Education Officer

“What the district center is including in the literacy unit is trying to showcase the importance of literacy. Many of the times we look at literacy as something important, it is but most of the time we look at it as just being for reading and writing but it is far beyond that; it includes technology, learning different skills, sharing, collaborating with others and applying those things in the real life.”

Flowers went on to share on both the international and local themes.

Patrick Flowers – Education Officer

“The global theme for today’s international literacy day is ‘Literacy in a Digital World.’ The local theme is ‘Read to a child today and everyday so both of them work hand in hand. We know that technology is important and we can use it and maximize it in improving teaching and learning in the classroom so we know that these different resources are available we just need to use them to attract students and there is a lot of software and applications that they can use to help enhance learning in the classroom. Reading to a child in alignment to the local theme it is important for your child to read, teachers encourage students to read and even at the home level parents can encourage our students to read.”

Flowers said that by integrating technology in reading makes the activity more meaningful for students.