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Celebrating Regional Food Safety

The Regional’s Agricultural Health Organization is celebrating its anniversary. Food safety is an issue for the entire region and the CEO for Agriculture, Jose Alpuche told Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz why marking the occasion is significant.

Fem Cruz: “The International Regional Organization for Health in Agriculture Oresa in conjunction with Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and several other ministries commemorate Oresa’s 65 years Anniversary at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan. Love News was there for the celebration last night and spoke to the CEO for the Ministry of Agriculture Jose Alpuche.”

Jose Alpuche: “Oresa covers from Mexico all the way to Panama and also includes the Dominican republic so its the region’s Agriculture Health Organization and tonight we are celebrating their anniversary. They work very closely with BAHA and other agencies to help us in the protection of our Agriculture health. That goes for both plant and animal safety but also food safety in ensuring that the food systems that we have in place actually produce food that is fit for human consumption and actually for animal consumption. They have been a tremendous help to us in the sense that they provide some regional backing, some technical expertise and backing to the work we do in producing healthy food for the Belizean population but also too for export to the region and quite frankly export to the world.

Fem Cruz: “This is brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent reporting for Love FM.”

Belize has several programs funded by Taiwan that assist with the production of agriculture. BAHA follows strict protocols that keep regional diseases that affect cattle from entering Belize.