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CEMO holds out hope for Civic

The City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) has its eyes on using the Belize Civic Center as its emergency operation center. Edmond Castro, the Minister of Transport and NEMO, said that priority is being given to the hospital and the security services. On the other hand, the Minister did not confirm that CEMO will be allowed to have its emergency operation center at the Belize Civic Center so we will have to wait and see. Today, Love news spoke with the Deputy Mayor, Oscar Arnold who is hopeful that CEMO’s emergency operation center will still be housed there.

Oscar Arnold – Deputy Mayor of Belize City: So today when we heard about this too we came and we invited ourselves and I was happy to hear that the Minister, Minister Castro said that there is a possibility that we could have an EOC in this building. So that comes as refreshing news to us.”

Reporter: Well actually he said just now that he would see the other departments here and he would try and work out with CEMO what’s the best thing for them. He didn’t say yes he would have you there or no either.

Oscar Arnold – Deputy Mayor of Belize City: Yeah so Mayor Wagner has sent a correspondent to the NEMO people saying that this would be the best thing. You don’t want to duplicate efforts in a disaster you don’t want to get your lines crossed because at the end of the day it’s saving lives and saving the assets ofr the residents of the City. So if you’re going to have police here, the BDF, the Coast Guard or medical persons here and there is enough space then the only logical thing is to have an EOC here because the city really runs the show for NEMO when they come in- the mayor is the head of the emergency organization so I can’t see how it would work any other way to have some stuff here and then you have our EOC housed in another building where don’t have the same facilities. So I hate to see a tug and war, I abhor the fact that having this discussion when the hurricane season has already started but I’m hoping that cooler heads prevail and we realize that we are working for the same 80,000 people that live in the Belize City area.”

Another building that was a part of today’s tour was the Marion Jones Sporting Complex.