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CEMO introduces information books

The 2015 hurricane season is almost at its mid-point and the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) has come up with an initiative to keep awareness at the forefront. Wayne Usher is CEMO’s Liaison Officer.

Wayne Usher – CEMO’s Liaison Officer

“The school program is to give the message that CEMO sends throughout the year to be prepared, that’s the message and we do that in every forum that we can find, we have symposiums, fairs, exhibition booths and now we came up with the idea of doing the exercise book, have us go into the schools with our programs, introduce it and also ask them to take the message to their parents. So we get to the adults through the children. We find that we have been asking the adults and everybody to be prepared, what to do in case a hurricane is coming what to do in the event of a flood, fires but the message in the book is something tangible you can hold it in your hand and read up about it and the students can learn from it.”

Usher shared some of the information that is available in the book.

Wayne Usher – CEMO’s Liaison Officer

The warning systems for hurricanes, the flag signals and importantly where to go, if you need to go to a shelter it’s all on the same front page and if the storm is too grate and it’s going to be a category three and above how to evacuate the city if you need to evacuate. It gives the assembly points and all of that so it’s an informative book, it helps you to be prepared and we have a useful book as well. You can use it in the schools to do your school work because the front page has your name and the class that you are in and in the back you have the tables that you use in school so it’s a practical school book and the other pages inside we help you to track the hurricane. There’s a hurricane tracking chart inside the front of cover and at the back inside we have safety tips like what you can take to hurricane shelters and that kind of thing so the booklet is a useful preparedness booklet and also its useful as a school book for the children. So we thought that we’d bring it out to get the message across to the wider public.”

The first set of books which is about seven hundred have been printed and is ready for sale at the CEMO office, for fifty cents each and six dollars for a dozen.