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CEMO prepares for the hurricane season

With the start of the hurricane season less than two months away, the Belize City Council is holding several workshops for its City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO).  On February 7, CEMO held its 6th annual symposium; however, that was under the previous administration. Love News caught up with Councilor Michael Noralez, who is in charge of CEMO, he said that there is no report from that symposium, but he is confident that if a disaster strikes his council will be prepared.

Michael Norales, Councilor for CEMO: “Well to be honest the report of the symposium has not been prepared so because of the elections and all that because of you know the report must have gotten lost in the shuffle, so to be honest we didn’t really discuss that. On Thursday and Friday we will have training for shelter managers, shelter wardens. Now this is only for the City Council staff but because the staff is so big we’re going to split it in two so Thursday and then Friday. Thursday will be at the ITVET not far from where we are right now and those who cannot attend on Thursday they are advised to attend on Friday; so that is one of the first trainings for us councilors and the City Council workers. Because whenever an emergency occurs in the City the City Council is the first to respond, we are on the ground and as soon as that happens then we get in contact with Mr.Wayne Usher who then calls the mayor and then calls the NEMO district coordinator and that is how we get from the City all the way up the ladder to the National Emergency Management Organization.”

Noralez said that there was a workshop yesterday on how to operate an emergency operating center.