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CEMO – Ready to Be Activated

The City Emergency Management Organization today held a press briefing to present the city’s preparedness for the hurricane season and other emergencies. Councilor responsible for Emergency Management in the City Phillip Willoughby says they have been working throughout the year and are well prepared to handle emergencies.


“Our partnering agencies and stakeholders within the government ministries and others including private sector; Red Cross, BTL and so forth we have been doing extensive proprietary works and coordination’s throughout and going into the upcoming hurricane season. Whilst disasters have many features and faces I believe to this end we are pretty much covered in terms of establishing support for the national fire service where fire is concerned I think the Majestic Alley fire opened our eyes, the Chateau Caribbean fire opened our eyes to certain anomalies and exposure that exists. In relation to flood mitigation discussions are ongoing its fluid in terms of what I call a flood mitigation infrastructure project. We know that additional support will be coming from the national search and rescue committee with the government assets which will be made available in strategic locations to do search and rescue. Lesson learned from Hurricane Early because of the trajectory path taken by Earl if the NEMO warehouse would have been compromised or the bridge compromised we are looking to see how we can feed 500 until we have access to relief and supplies to come in the city.”

CEMO continues to emphasize prevention and a major theme in the campaign is having individuals take responsibility for their safety. This year, thirteen hurricane shelters have been recommended in Belize City, five on the north side and eight on the south side. The CEMO’s Human Resource subcommittee continues to hold regular preparatory meetings while the CEMO personnel continues to attend various training workshops.