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CEMO Responds to House Fire Victims

With seventeen men, women and children affected by last night’s fire, members of the City Emergency Management Organization activated to render assistance to the residents.  Philip Willoughby who heads that unit, spoke to Love News on the immediate efforts.


I was on the ground while the situation was quite fluid. I applaud the residents from within the neighborhood or the community that provided support and assistance last night to myself and the families we are extremely grateful. That is priceless when it comes to community engagement and support and collaboration. I then called the National Emergency Coordinator to brief him and apprise him of what was happening on the ground. I then got approval from him to go to the NEMO warehouse where we procured mattresses for everyone here and for a few families who were affected who are not here, they got blankets and bedding, they got hygiene kits, a small food kit and water just to sustain them into this morning and I briefed the Human Resources officer to CEMO and we know have with us now the social workers conducting and executing their procedures as it relates to fire and the affected families.”

While these efforts serve for immediate gratification, Willoughby says the long term efforts would need more collaboration.


Well we will treat this situation the same way we dealt with the Majestic Alley fire situation. We will do our endeavor best to bring them as close as possible to some semblance of normalcy. We need to impact their quality of life swiftly. I can’t guarantee them any physical structure or housing at this time. The Pickstock Area representative we need to see how best or swiftly from a fiscal and infrastructure standpoint assist the family but we will be having this discussion I will be in contact with Honorable Elrington immediately after I am through with what is happening here on the ground.”

The fire occurred at around nine o’clock last night.