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Central Medical Lab encourages persons to donate blood

Blood is in short supply and the Central Medical Laboratory is responding to this shortage via a blood drive.  Adrian Martinez, the Medical Laboratory Technologist, says that O-Positive blood type is in high demand.

Adrian Martinez – Medical Laboratory Technologist at Central Medical Laboratory: “We are promoting voluntary blood donation, specifically this week. We celebrate the fourteenth of June, every year to recognize our blood donors. Different districts have different activities, however in Belize City we are launching our quality blood bank manual. That is our manual for policies and it governs all the blood banks around the country. This year we have the launching of the manual tomorrow, Thursday and Friday we are having a Health fair at the blood bank and we are calling all our volunteer blood donors to come in and donate blood. We usually have our AGM every two years, this year will just be a health fair along with a blood drive. The actual bleeding could be ten to fifteen minutes, then you have five minutes post donation care where the nurse would assess you and say are you feeling good? Check your arm if it is still bleeding, if not she will apply a bandaid and from there you are free to go.”

For those who may shy away from donating blood due to the fear of needles or the unknown, Martinez says the benefits that you will be providing far outweighs that fear.  Once again, the blood drive takes place on Friday at the Old Nursing School Compound in Belize City.