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CEO Alpuche Urges Farmers to Be Alert of Incoming Earl

With the advent of Tropical Storm Earl and the projections showing Belize as one of the countries to be affected, one of the many concerns is the wellbeing of livestock and crops.  Chief Executive Officer, Jose Alpuche spoke to Love News yesterday, advising the local farmers on preparations.


“We are preparing an updated alert to send to farmers; NEMO up to this morning had already sent up to three advisories on the possible impact to Belize. We’re monitoring it very very carefully. To be honest it would be devastating to have any event even if it is only rains. It’s something that we could least do with at this time but all that we can do is alert our farmers to ensure they are aware of what is coming and to take precautionary measures at this time. Post passage would have to be damage assessment.”

Love News has been in close contact with the emergency organizations and is once again preparing for its hallmark coverage of incoming storms and hurricanes.