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CEO and Special Envoy Express Regret Over Recent Deaths

Citizens from across the country were impacted last week when we reported on the shooting death of 7-year-old, Tyler Savery and the passing of two siblings, Ian Sambula Jr and Empress Hamilton who succumbed in the US while receiving treatment for burns to their bodies after being doused with gasoline and set on fire inside their home.  The investigators have charged one man in connection with Savery’s death but the culprit responsible for Sambula and Hamilton’s deaths remains free.  Today the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Human Development, Judith Alpuche spoke on the cases.


“All four of these cases are very alarming and it’s been really sulked throughout our society  I think as we look at the reactions of people particularly in the case of arson, children becoming victims in cases of arson and then this young man that was just callously shot it really takes things up to another level and in many ways it really confirms our worst fear that things could get to this level and I think we really do need to look at and redouble efforts because it really has to do with interventions into root causes and there are many good things happening and they may be happening quietly but it’s something we really need to look at as a society and certainly as a government how we can scale up these interventions that will have the kind of effects that we need them to have.”

Also weighing in on the tragic situations was the Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis-Barrow.


“My condolences to the families first of all. It is sad and tragic when someone who just wants to go get a smoothie I mean unimaginable, just unimaginable and this violence has got to stop, it really has to stop. I call on authorities to really do their best to combat this situation because I don’t think its good for anyone especially when our innocent children become victims, it’s unimaginable.”

Sambula and Hamilton will be laid to rest this week.  The bodies of the siblings were flown into the country from Galveston, Texas over the weekend.