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CEO for Works Explains Ongoing Infrastructural Projects

In several parts around the country it is evident that infrastructural works continue to take place by the Ministry of Works.  In the western town of San Ignacio, there is a project currently underway which seeks to construct what will be the longest bridge in the country.  Chief Executive Officer, Errol Gentle spoke of this project.


“We have quite a number of projects ongoing. One of our signature projects right now is the new bridge over the Macal. The contractor for that project is Cisco Construction. The reason I call it one of our signature projects is that when that bridge is completed it will be the longest bridge in the country. As you know we have the congestion with the Hawksworth Bridge and the wading bridge in Santa Elena so this new bridge over the Macal will help to facilitate the smooth movement of vehicles, goods and services from not only into San Ignacio and Benque Viejo but there is a lot of traffic that moves over the border into Guatemala. That is on schedule and should be completed by February of Next year. That is an 18 to 24 month project but the contractor will be doing within that 18 month period.”

Aside from the construction of a Macal Bridge in western Belize, there are other works being done as explained by CEO Gentle.


“We have the what we call the fifth road project and this is the upgrading of the Phillip Goldson highway between the Airport Junction to the roundabout in Belama and we have what we call section A which is 5.4 Kilometers from the airport junction to the bridge, the contract has been signed again to Cisco Construction that is scheduled to be completed within a year’s time. The Hummingbird Highway project has started as well and if you have traveled the Hummingbird lately you’d see significant progress going on within the entire area. There had an area between the Sibun bridge that used to be in terrible condition that is being upgraded b A&M construction in Cayo and that is a one year project. The other portion is now coming from Dangriga so we do this portion and then the second section will be coming from Dangriga coming toward the Alta Vista. We are looking at between eighteen months, weather permitting.”


According to CEO Gentle, these are only the major projects currently underway.  Aside from these there are the repairs and rehabilitation of roads and thoroughfares around the country.