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CEO lands cancer prize

Sharon Young is the winner of a piece of land, raffled by the Belize Cancer Society in an effort to raise funds to continue assisting cancer patients. Of course, Young is well-known since she is the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Labour.  Young is not only a staunch supporter of cancer organizations, but also a cancer survivor. Young told the media that winning the land came as a complete surprise.

Sharon Young – Winner: “I purchased a ticket to support the society, I am always supporting the work of the society in every way I can and we will be handing over good news to you from the CEO Caucus, later on, this month but yes this is probably the first thing I have ever won in my life, I told everybody. I am humbled in this moment and I have yet to decide what to do with it but thank you. The winning ticket as I said when I came in I didn’t think of it, I just bought a ticket from somebody I knew and I didn’t think of it afterward. I want to continue to encourage people who have more than anybody else to continue to give and donate to the society. You are doing excellent work, there is always going to be somebody in need of help but I also believe there is also going to be somebody who can help. We shouldn’t be afraid to ask, we shouldn’t be afraid to help. In fact, that is how I got through my time, I just asked for help and I was helped. This was maybe 19 years ago.”

The land was a donation from Judith Vernon-Hecker, the treasurer of Belize Cancer Society, who said that she was happy to assist.

Judith Vernon-Hecker – Treasurer of Belize Cancer Society: “We have seen where the Cancer Society has been struggling with funds and we always are thinking about ways how we can do some fundraising. One night after a meeting I went home and I said you know I have three acres of land in Ladyville and two kids. Why not assist the society with one acre and the rest is history. It is an acre, very high pineridge land, mile 11 on the Northern Highway. The winning ticket number was 1108. We have the stub and we have Miss Young’s portion.”

Vernon-Hecker revealed that the society expected to raise fifteen thousand dollars and so far, they have received fourteen thousand five hundred and forty dollars and the monies are still coming in.