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CEO Lovell Says Admiral Borland Will Be Given Due Process

While there is no official comment on the details of the case, today Col. George Lovell, CEO in the Ministry of Home Affairs said he is aware of the mater but would not speak further on it.


“What I would want to echo is the fact that the Ministry is serious about this and while we see all the current reports coming forward until and unless these officers are proven to be guilty of the act I want to be cautious in saying that they will be given due process because everyone under our law should be offered and granted due process as we go through but we will not in any way shape or form tolerate while we identify that there are officers who have committed wrong doing any wrong doing and we will be swift, we will be thorough and we will certainly ensure that once someone is found guilty that that person is dealt with to the full extent of the law. And I’m talking about our own because these police officers are our own it’s just unfortunate that there is a very small minority of our officers who cause the entire department and ministry to find itself in disrepute.”