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CEOs Ride for Cancer – Part 2

Hundreds of Belizeans have been suffering from the effects of various types of cancer. Last year Chief Executive Officers teamed up to raise not only awareness, but funds to assist institutions which are at the forefront dealing with individuals affected by the disease, by holding the first CEO Caucus Ride. The first ride raised over eighty thousand dollars for the cause. This weekend the second annual CEO Caucus ride will take place. Love News spoke with CEO in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Sharon Ramclam about the ride.


“We started the initiative last year where we held the first ride in May of last year and we started actually the fund raising the month before and our target was to raise a total of $50,000 to support the various institutions throughout the country who are in some way doing something that can help Belizeans to cope with cancer and we were able to actually raise over $81,000 and we ended up sharing among the three major cancer institutions the Belize Cancer Society, The Belmopan Branch of the Belize Cancer Society and the Cancer Treatment Center of Dangriga and so we were very much satisfied with the outpouring of support from the professional cyclist, the local Belizeans who are affected by cancer and the institutions themselves we also receive tremendous support from Belizeans abroad and members of the diplomatic corps and the public servants in the government system themselves who helped in many ways volunteering to arrange for the ride and so this year we started our planning a month ago and we set the date for April 8th and we started the fundraising again a month ago. The idea is that each CEO would individually fund raise to meet the target and so over the last month each CEO was actively pursuing support from their networks to raise the money that they need to meet collectively the $50,000 target and this year we selected the Treatment Center in Dangriga since its the only facility that is providing that kind of service for cancer patients. We wanted all the proceeds to go towards the treatment facility in Dangriga so all the money we raise will go towards that facility. We are much impressed with the work of that institution as we know that it is helping hundreds of Belizeans since it started in 2008 and had been able to provide support and care for many Belizeans and their families and then they also have linkages with partners in Guatemala and the US to provide the care that cancer patients need.

Ramclam said this year’s ride will be held on Saturday morning.  She shared more of the details.


The recipient of the funds from this weekend’s ride will the Belize Cancer Center in Dangriga.