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Cervantes Denies Involvement of His Driver in Burnt Cane Fields

While the SCPC met yesterday at the Sugar Board office some 20 acres of cane belong to BSI-ASR went up in flames.  Love News has been able to confirm from BSI sources that a watchman was guarding the fields in the San Lorenzo Area when he observed a blue double cab pickup truck circling the area.  He then noticed that two men exited the vehicle and lit fire in different areas of the field.  The security guard alleges that as he approached the vehicle to record the license plates numbers shots were fired at him, forcing him to retreat and subsequently informed his supervisors who called the police. Quick police response led them to detain two occupants of a blue double cab pickup truck on the San Antonio – Yo Creek Rd.  The vehicle has been identified as being the property of Ramon Monchi Cervantes and inside the vehicle were Efrain Alpuche Jr. and Saul Vasquez.  Alpuche is Cervantes’ personal bodyguard.  Since word spread of the detention of the two men, fingers have been pointed at Cervantes as being behind the burning of BSI’s cane fields. Today Cervantes spoke and denied any involvement and at the same time condemned such acts of malice.


“The Mennonite said, ‘you know Monchi, he took down the water pump of the compressor of our drill he said and that he came down to Orange Walk with Alpuche, with the driver and that they don’t have the water pump here in Orange Walk. He checked yesterday evening at Westrac and everything and asked where we would get it? I told him you came with who? Alpuche went to pick me up in the pickup he said. He went to pick up the part he said and then since it was around three thirty four he said I jumped in and went to Orange Walk to catch the auto parts stores. I questioned him and said you came with Alpuche? I said, what about the police? He said, oh the police stopped them coming from San Antonio right after the first curve after the bridge, right around the first culvert is where the police stopped them and detained them. He said he was only getting a ride so they didn’t take him in and so that puts another angle to the story because what I was hearing up to last night is that they guys were caught red handed and they fired shots and they sped off and the police set chase after them and caught them and apparently that is not so. The other issue is that shots were fired by those two guys and if it was those two guys did what they are accused of, it is highly improbable that those two guys fired shots because everyone who has been in that pickup, and there’s been a lot of people, can attest to the fact that there is no gun in that pickup nor on the driver. Really, I find that very hard to believe because it is highly improbable that if shots were fired, it is highly improbable that is was those two guys, if there were any shots fired.”