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Cervantes Down But Not Out

Today Ramon Cervantes Jr. along with his mother, Vilma Cervantes and his sister, Marisa Cervantes, hosted the media at their family owned business in Orange Walk Town. Cervantes Jr. had summoned the press to give his side of what happened in the courtroom of Magistrate Merlene Moody yesterday. As we told you, the murder case of Ramon Cervantes Senior took an unexpected twist after one of the accused murderers, told Magistrate Moody that it was Cervantes Jr. who had orchestrated the murder of his father. So now, Ramon Monchi Cervantes Junior is the second politician to be accused of having something to do with the murder of his father. The first was Gasper Vega, his political opponent in Orange Walk North.  And now the proverbial shoe is on the other foot. While, it was a controversial accusation as it was struck out by the Magistrate after questioning the accuser. Today, Cervantes first shared how all the drama unfolded inside the court of room of Magistrate Moody.


“I think it is the Prosecutor that asked for a recess; the Magistrate gave a five minute break and asked everyone to leave except our family and the court orderlies and after that it resumed and then the Magistrate allowed the guy to give his statement and then he questioned him and then he fumbled, he just couldn’t answer the question. It was obvious that he was given lines to say and when the Magistrate started asking him, big holes were poked in his story. So, that is what happened and the Magistrate struck out his statement completely. Frankly, I was taken aback because it’s a lie, it’s false, maliciously false. I don’t even know the guy; the first time I saw him was when they were arrested for my father’s murder. I know it’s a lie, my conscience is clear.”


“His allegation, I understand is that you orchestrated because you wanted  to access your father’s money.”


“In our family business, in our family affairs, my mom is the that runs the purse, not my father, not myself. It is my mom.  We leave that to the females and my sister; they are the ones that run the finances of our business and of our family affairs. In fact my father was my biggest campaigner. In fact my father was the first one who told me I should run.”

Cervantes Jr. says that this latest accusation in his father murder case is purely political mischief caused by his UDP opponent, Gaspar Vega. Yesterday Vega denied that assertion but the Cervantes family is sticking to their belief.


“It just shows the depth to which politics has gone in this; to the depths that politics have gone. After all, my father was murdered; they murdered my father now they are trying to murder my character and reputation, to kill my character and reputation.”


“Well I know this is malicious, political malice and I know Monchi would never do something like that because he and his dad were always working together, they bonded together, they respected one another and as a family we are very close. So he would never do something like that.”


“All this while since my father’s murder, like the first month or so the police informed us but after that they kept us in the dark. The guys came for hearings and they didn’t inform us. We used to call the police and they didn’t tell us anything; nobody knew anything.  So they just delayed everything and now two weeks before the elections when I am ahead in the race, there is a ground swell of support and two weeks before the elections after they had been keeping us in the dark now all of a sudden they call up the case and this thing comes up.”


“Two weeks after my son won a convention, my husband was brutally murdered and now two weeks before the General Elections my son is being falsely accused. Isn’t this merely political malice? What are they afraid of? Losing power? The truth of my husband’s murder? We are still grieving the brutal and cruel murder of an honorable man who gave so much to his community and country. Yes instead of having a proper investigation we have gross malicious political interference.”


“I expect that they are concocting on what ways and how they can arrest me as we speak, that is what I expect of them  that they are concocting on the many ways of how they can arrest me and have me out of the race or keep my mouth shut.”

Cervantes Jr. does not believe that the accusation will have any bearing on his campaign in Orange Walk North.


“Our support is overwhelming, I think it’s visible. We have seen that there has been a ground swell of support for my candidacy in the Orange Walk North division and lies like this people will see through these lies.  They know that these are lies and fabrications and they know that this is politically motivated because this guy had sixteen to seventeen months to say something, he had given a statement, in fact in his statement he said that I was a target and also Joseph Myvette which was the Northern Regional Commander right now who got a promotion after my father’s murder.  He was the one that told me that I was next in line for kidnapping and murder and so I had better watch myself, he said that that was what came out of those guys statements that there was a list. So the people will see through that and the truth is coming out and I don’t expect that to hinder me because as my mother said I would never do something like that and it’s obviously a fabrication with an ulterior political motive. We have the faith that the truth will come out because we are not afraid of the truth. I am not, my mom is not and my family we are not afraid of the truth. What must come out will come out someday.”

Attorney for the Cervantes Family is Marcel Cardona.