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Cervantes vs Vega Trial Concludes in Supreme Court

Both Deputy Prime Minister of Belize, Gaspar Vega, and his political opponent, Ramon Cervantes Jr. have been accused in connection with the murder of Ramon Cervantes Sr. The body of Cervantes Sr. was found in a shallow grave in Orange Walk Town last year. During a memorial service, the Cervantes family played an audio recording in which a man believed to be Manuel Castillo alleged that Vega was involved in the murder. After the recording was made public, Vega’s attorney, Senior Counsel threatened to sue for libel. The case has been before the Chief Justice and today the trial concluded. Attorney for the Cervantes family, Said Musa, told the media that he is confident that his clients will be exonerated since the claimants have been unable to prove that Ramon Cervantes Jr. had any involvement in the publication of the recording. However, Senior Counsel Rodwell Williams, told reporters that he has done enough to prove his client’s claim. The Chief Justice is expected to hand down his decision on December 22. In a twist to the story, a couple weeks ago, one of the men charged for the murder, in court accused Ramon Cervantes Jr. of orchestrating the murder, an allegation the younger Cervantes has denied.