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CFZ CEO Was on His Way Out

He ran the Corozal Free Zone for over eight years but tonight, Raul Rosado is out of the zone as he was asked to resign.  The request for his resignation came on the heels of reports that Rosado was found with an obscene amount of money at the Philip Goldson International Airport prior to leaving the country and a second incident where  he was found with over a million dollars in southern Belize.  Love News spoke with Rosado who denies the allegations.


“We don’t know if the Facebook account is a legitimate account, if it is indeed a legitimate news source that has brought that out, I don’t know the details but I can only say to you categorically that those allegations are absolutely false. Those are all lies that have been created. The short answer for you is that the allegations are absolutely lies. I have resigned from the administration and this resignation was something that we had been discussing with the Chairman and the vice chairman of the Chamber of Commerce on my intentions to resign. I had discussed it also with Mr.Gregory Gibson who is the chairman of the Corozal Free Zone and of course I have discussed this with my family. The reasons are that for some time now I had been working on a family business and I had established a family company with this other person in the Freezone and now I have decided that in order to avoid a conflict of interest that for best intentions for me to part from the administration and I will dedicate myself now to the private sector and my business. So yes I did resign I expressed to the board my intention and I made them aware of my company, I made them aware of my activities. I will be leaving the zone.”

The entire situation apparently falls in line with Rosado’s plans as he told Love News that he had been contemplating resignation for about a month now.


“It has been coming for probably around three weeks to a month now that I had communicated to the Prime Minister on Saturday, I announced to him my resignation to which he thanked me for notifying him. I mentioned it to Honorable Gaspar Vega who is a very close friend of mine and my family. I announced it to Minister Contreras who is a very close friend and to the honorable Papa Mena. I also announced it to the mayor of Corozal and the only one I am left to announce it to personally is Minister Marin who has just returned to the country. At this point I do not know who the replacement will be that is a decision of the cabinet and the prime minister.”

Reports have surfaced that Evan Cowo may be Rosado’s replacement.  Cowo is the UDP Caretaker for the Corozal Southeast constituency.