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Hopkin’s chairman comments on water problem

This newsroom has received numerous reports of water interruptions in Hopkins Village that has been affecting villagers and businesses alike. We spoke to the chairman, Ted McKoy for clarification.

Ted McKoy – Chairman of Hopkins Village

“The water situation in Hopkins is one that cannot be seen as a problem so to speak because I’m not saying that it is not a problem, because obviously it’s affecting the residents of the community and the community including myself because I live on the north side has been affected by the low water pressure but there is a lot of development happening in Hopkins at the moment and a lot of heavy equipment are moving all over the village and those heavy equipment not only connected to the road of construction that is happening in the community but there are many buildings that are being built in Hopkins at the same time. Some of the pipes that were laid for the old water system that we have are actually on the surface and some of them have been compromised in terms of them there are leakages all over the community as a result and the water board is working to address the issue. They have been working all morning, they have been working for the past three weeks to try to find as many leaks as they can to address the water situation. I was with them this morning and I was told that they should be able to restore more water to as many people as possible within the next five hours so there is an expectation that there should be an improvement today. We have tried as much as we can to provide water to people that are in need of water, everybody is in need obviously but we have been trying to take water to people’s houses using the village equipment; tractors and stuff like that to see how we could try to fulfill people’s demand for water.”

According to McKoy, the water issue in Hopkins Village is one that has been on-going for years. About 2,500 people live in Hopkins Village.