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Chairman explained why Chinese community closed for business on October 1

As a response to the murder of 58 year-old Bainan Wu the Chinese community decided to close their stores for 24 hours on Sunday October 1, in a show of respect and mourning. The Association gave prior notice but over this past weekend, Chairman Edmund Quan was asked for his response to the perception that the Chinese community seems to consider itself somewhat of a separate faction from Belizean society and has behaved as such.

Edmund Quan – Chairman of Chinese Association

“It’s for mourning. We have a fallen colleague we close down for business, it was not a protest. We did not do it un-notified we notified all our customer’s and businesses that we will be closing for morning. It’s not like the previous time when nobody had knowledge of it that was a protest but this one we were just trying to give respect to the deceased and for people to go to his funeral we wanted everyone to close down. I believe the general population of Belize know why we closed down and those that don’t you don’t need to explain.”