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Chairman of Armenia Village Says Squatters are Being Dis-honest

There is also contention growing in the village of Armenia where several squatters are objecting to a removal order from the government. The residents spoke with Correspondent Fem Cruz last week saying that they have invested and developed the parcels of lands significantly that now want compensation for. The three residents who spoke to Love News claimed that they had been given the green light to build and develop by former village leaders. Our team went back into the area over the weekend and spoke to the Estevan Peck of the village council. He explained that lies were told by the residents in last week’s interview.

 Estevan Peck. Armenia Village Council: “There is an ongoing project for the community that’s happening right now. We want to see development, we’re crying for development but obstacles do come our way and so we as leaders we have to step up and do the right thing. In my hand I have the map that we’re referring to the piece of land that Ms. Martha Chun and the other person claiming that we are taking away from them. The clip the news reported a few days ago is very untrue and we totally disagree with what was said. Why ? Because we met with Ms.Martha Chun, we tried to come with a solution to this problem. As the chairman said this young lady came from down south some part down south, came to squat on a hill. Former chairman confirmed that this area is communal meaning that we can access it any time, village council that is. We can set towers, we can set water tanks, we can use material for the road. It’s on the map. The former chairman told us that they had to relocate Ms.Martha Chun because she was building on the street and so she was given a piece of land more down this way that is where she lives now. The pointing of the building that she was saying that that is her house that’s very false, it for one Mr.Jose Garcia it’s not hers. That’s not her home. Her home is down this way not on this hill. We’re referring to this hill and we’re not saying that we’re going to bulldoze this hill from the young man. We came to explain that in fact the young man was not spoken to by the chairman I don’t know where he came from but these are things that they set up and want to destroy and want to stop the project.”

Love News also spoke with the village Chairman Vicente Alvarado who echoed Peck’s explanation. He says he is not removing anyone from their lands, but rather they are repairing a public street and carrying out works on communal lands.