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Chairman says hearings should proceed without 13th Senator

Osmany Salas was sworn in as the Senator representing the non-government organizations on Monday. This came after a 2008 manifesto promise made by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Senator Salas made his debut two days ago when he contributed to the debate on the Crown Proceedings Act and the Central Bank Immunization Bill. Some in the environmental community Belize that Senator Salas should also be part of the Senate Special Select Committee which is carrying out public investigation into the findings of the Auditor General Report on Passport, Nationality and Visa. Chairman of the Committee, Senator Aldo Salazar says that it is not something he would support.


Senator Aldo Salazar

“I can’t speak for the Senate but I can speak for myself. I don’t think that would be something I would want. One, because we have already commenced and he has missed a big portion of it. And secondly, because our terms of reference allowed specifically for those people who would have to be in there so we would have to go back to the Senate again to do that. I don’t think that is beneficial at this point. I think we are sufficiently represented in order to get it completed. So it’s not something that I would want to do.”