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Chairman speaks on budget for Senate hearings

During the creation of the terms of reference, the Senate Special Select Committee had trouble agreeing on a budget for the public hearings. With the new fiscal year approaching and with reports that the Government’s budget will be one of austerity, the media asked the Chairman of the committee, Aldo Salazar, about the committee’s budget. According to Salazar, the budget only covers up to the end of the fiscal year.

Senator Aldo Salazar

“We do try to negotiate to get the best price available to us from different things for service providers where that is necessary but the budget that has been approved is up to the end of this fiscal year so that the budget should take us to March and thereafter we would have to ask for additional funds which is what we contemplated in the beginning, that the budget which we asked for was to take us to the end of the fiscal year. Thereafter we would ask for additional funds.


And those talks have already been had with the relevant people because we’re in the middle of the preparation for the budget.

Senator Aldo Salazar

“Yes we prepare the budget in conjunction with the finance officer here and that’s a very simple process. We prepared the budget in the matter of one meeting and by the next session the finance officer had a budget for us so I don’t feel that requires any significant work.”