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Challenges of Illegal Hunting Reported in the North

The Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area is a nature reserve and is located in north-western Belize. It was founded in 1988 by Programme for Belize upon the acquisition of over one hundred and ten acres of land from the Gallon Jug Agro-industries.  In almost thirty years the location has developed tremendously but with most things, as they say, progress brings problems.  The folks there at Programme for Belize are having problems with the illegal hunting of the wildlife in their area.  The unfortunate part to this story is that the illegal hunting is being done by our very own Belizeans, as explained by PFB’s Manager, Ramon Pacheco.


Pacheco says that PFB is tasked to look after the integrity of the Rio Bravo including its natural resources and wildlife.  It is a constant struggle despite the team of rangers patrolling the waterways and edges.


Programme for Belize is the umbrella organization that directs other entities like La Milpa Eco-Lodge and Research Centre as well as the Hill Bank Field Station.  The support from locals and tourists at these locations has helped in financing and protecting the Rio Blanco Conservation and Management Area.


The Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area is the largest private reserve in Belize and is the second largest single protected area in the country.  It is about a two and a half hour drive from Belize City.