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Chamber of Commerce Weighs In on Boycotting Guat Products

The debate on the Belize Guatemala situation continues strong on social media. One of the main topics that has gotten a lot of feedback is the suggested boycott of Guatemalan products. A popular bar in Belize owned by a naturalized Belizean, was boycotted because of a post she made on social media using derogatory statements towards the BDF following the shooting of the Guatemalan minor on Belizean soil. But what exactly would it mean to boycott Guatemalan products? We visited some stores in Belize to compare prices as it relates to Guatemalan products. (VO 1)  Like canned beans, where the Guatemalan product was three dollars and forty five cents, the Mexican Brand was two dollars and ninety nine cents. Love News spoke to Nikita Usher; President of the Belize Chamber of Commerce Industry (BCCI) who told gave us their views on Belizeans boycotting Guatemalan products.

We checked other products like (VO2) soap powder and powdered drinks where again we saw that the Guatemalan products costing more than similar products from other neighboring countries.  We asked Usher if the boycott of products would be detrimental to Belize’s economy.

Another product we compared was a Belizean made product. (VO 3) We compared vinegar, where we noted that the home made product was much cheaper than the Guatemalan. One product we found to be cheaper on the Guatemalan side was cookies. Usher gave us some statistics about importing and exporting with Guatemala.

While the debate will continue given the aggression shown by Guatemala, as President of the BNTU told us last week, the choice to boycott Guatemalan products remains an individual choice.

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