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Chang and Tillett Still Wanted to Appear Before Senate Inquiry

Both Eric Chang and Patrick Tillett have been served with a summons as ordered by the Senate Special Select Committee, after both men rejected the committee’s invitation to appear before its members. So now, they are being compelled to show up and answer questions in respect to the eight missing visa foils which prompted the audit. Chang and Tillett are considered essential witnesses who, according to the auditor general, were ‘key players’ who were allegedly involved in the case of the eight missing visa foils. After the hearing today, Chairman Aldo Salazar, told the media that the committee is expecting that Chang and Tillett will appear next week Wednesday.


“I have had no indication as to whether they will show up or not. If there is a refusal to show up then the committee will have to take a decision as to what to do next but I don’t have any indication at this point whether they will show up or not next week.”


“Has the committee received a formal response from either ?”


“No and we don’t expect to get, if we get a response it would perhaps giving us a reason for them not showing up, well I can’t speculate I haven’t heard anything and I haven’t been anticipating receiving a response from them. If somebody refuses to show up then the senate has avenues within which it believes it can compel persons to show up. If the person is not in the jurisdiction then that is another matter. As I’ve said before I’m not going to make it my personal crusade to force anybody to show up if somebody is willfully evading and manages to slip out of the jurisdiction I won’t see that as hampering our ability to conduct our investigation properly I think that for my part I would think that if you heard the testimony today I would think somebody who was being called so often would want to come and would want to speak to us and speak to the things that have been said but I don’t take the issue personally I am not really as concerned with it. My duty is to do the job if we issue the summons and he doesn’t show up then we have another step to take. I am not going to try and anticipate whether somebody is going to show up or not or try to slip out of the country; as I see that is not my concern.”

According to Senator Salazar, he was told that the summonses were personally delivered to both men, which would indicate that Chang is still in the country.