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Changes at Police Eastern Division

There has been a shakeup of Eastern Division of the Police Department.  Senior Superintendent Chester Williams shared the details with the media.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“Eastern Division as we have traditionally know it to be, no longer exists. Eastern Division has now been divided into three divisions. We have Eastern Division south, Eastern Division North and Eastern Division, each division having it’s own standalone commander. I am in charge of Eastern Division South and Mr. Dawson is my deputy for this division.”


“So then are we still using the precinct system? How does that work?”

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

The precinct system is working quite well and it will remain in place as is just that know what we will have is that precinct one and two which are on south side remain under the command of commander of Eastern Division south. Precinct three and four which are on the north side remain under the command of Eastern Division north and Eastern Division north also has a responsibility for the cayes. Then the rural has the responsibility for the Ladyville, Hattieville and Democracia.”

 Williams was asked about the spike in crime on the southside of Belize City, the area for which he has now taken control.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

I was in Belize City before and coming back to Belize City is something that I embrace I am quite aware of the changes involving police in south side Belize City and I can assure you and the public at large that myself with the support of my supporting staff, we are ready and we are prepared to face the challenges that the police have been encountering on Southside in policing this area. It is the hot seat and I must say that I am proud to be in the hot seat I would not have been contended being in a seat where it is not hot because I like to see that things are being done and as the commander of this division I can assure the people living on the south side of Belize City that myself and my team will do whatever is necessary to ensure that we reduce the murder rate on Southside Belize City. Currently we are on a path to surpass what we had last year. It is my hope that that will not happen. We will be looking at different policing strategies. Today is my first day in office and I am meeting with my senior managers I am doing consultations because at the end of the day what I will do I will devise a strategy that we will employ to ensure that we put in place the right mechanism to reduce crime on Southside Belize City and it’s not a matter of whether or not it will happen, we will reduce crime on the Southside of Belize city there is no if, but or maybe about that it will happen.”


Williams told the media that his recent studies will afford him the opportunity to approach crime in a different manner.  He said he maintains a zero tolerance for police brutality as over the years, it has cost the Government a tidy sum of money.


Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“I am no saint. In the past, yes I used to do things in a certain way where it could have been done better. Having been trained legally I am more familiar with the way the law operates and I intend to use my legal knowledge to make this division more effective and I will tell you I don’t believe in statistical arrest because last year over the summer I happened to do internship at the Solicitor General’s ministry and the amount of money I see the government of Belize paying out for police brutality and different police misconduct it is appalling and if the government could save that money we could get ourselves some resources. So I have a zero tolerance of police brutality, we will police with common sense and not by force that is not to say that when the need arises to use force to ensure that they arrest a situation that force will not be used because at the end of the day we must understand that the police officers are also human beings, they are out there, they face or they encounter situations at time that require certain degrees of force. When that situation arise once they can justify the force that they use I’ll be the first to rally behind them but if they cannot justify the force they use and just use force then I will not stand for that because I do not intend to cause the government of Belize to have to pay any money for police misconduct where that is concerned.”


ACP Deseree Phillips is the Commander of the Northside while Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster takes over the reins of the Rural Division.  Williams said all three commanders will hold regular meetings to strategize in their fight against crime.