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Changing the Constitution to Reflect the Queen’s Death

And recognizing a new monarch is the person of King Charles the Third is not the only significant change. Her Majesty the Queen reigned for 7 decades during which Belize obtained its independence. And crucial to our independence and identity is the Belize Constitution but in that constitution the words “Her Majesty” several times so we asked the Prime Minister if the constitution will be amended from Her to His Majesty. 

John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: “It is something that I would have to get advice from the Attorney general but probably the best way to explain or to answer your question is to say that we have just appointed a Constitutional Commission. We hope to have House meeting on Friday, next week Friday to finalise the legislation and to get the work of that Commission going and we’re hoping now that they will be able to listen to our citizens to see what ideas they have, whether we should stay with The King as a Head of State. Should we change the system of governance? Should we come up with a totally new Constitution? Should we make amendments to the constitution? We want to hear from our people so I believe that from that standpoint, I believe that we need to allow the process to be able to work but what I was quickly told is that we can make a simple amendment, a Constitutional Amendment. I think we need a ⅔ majority to change that so if it comes that it has to be done legally then we can get a vote to be able to change from hers to his.”