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Chaos at Elections and Boundaries

The employee of Chon Saan Restaurant who was accused of having Covid-19 yesterday infront of the Elections and Boundaries Office on Cleghorn Street has come forward to the media defending his name. 

The employee of Chon Saan Restaurant who was accused of having Covid-19 yesterday infront of the Elections and Boundaries Office on Cleghorn Street has come forward to the media defending his name.  Andrew Bradley responded to the woman’s accusations and has chalked it up to political gimmicks.

Andrew Bradley, Employee, Chon Saan Palace: “I’m a driver for the first time out there at the Elections and Boundaries driving one of his workers. So approximately about 1:25pm – 1:30pm I was dropping off some people and picking up a food from outside Elections and Boundaries. So while proceeding to my vehicle, the company vehicle, I hear a young lady jump up and say “Oh you have corona. Your boss has it so you have it you test positive.” So I turned around and said “Excuse me young lady I don’t have it.” So I started explaining to the next young lady what is the situation. Then I heard a noise at the back but when I heard the noise it sounded like a special needs person making a lot of noise so it got my attention so I turned around and I said “Hello excuse me.” The young lady told me “You have Corona ! Move from out -” I said “Excuse me young lady people like you in this country give Belize a bad name.” So I told her “You don’t need to do all of that.” so basically I turned around just didn’t pay her any mind because you don’t pay attention to illiterate persons and I already realized that she worked for the People’s United Party I realized I won’t downgrade myself to those standards. So I proceeded to take my phone and push it in my pocket and I turned around and she started screaming and said I have a gun.  So she didn’t get anybody’s attention because the street was busy people were in and out of Elections and Boundaries, people were standing up on the fence every day right now through this time Elections and Boundaries is busy. So I proceeded to the truck, sat down inside the vehicle, went to a Chiney on Freetown Road purchased some food and when I purchased the food I went back dropped the food, parked the vehicle and continued doing my errands and approximately about four o’clock I came back in front of Elections and Boundaries to pick up someone and I saw a police mobile behind the truck hit the truck and say “Mr.Bradley.” so I proceeded to come out of the truck to see what is the problem. So when I came out the officer said “Can I rub you down.” I said sure I’ll give the officer a hundred and ten percent so he rubbed me down and said “This young lady said you pulled a firearm on her.” I said ” Officer pulled a firearm ?” and two officers stationed at Elections and Boundaries for apparently the same reason because usually back and forth happen out there. So I found it strange so why would I pull out a firearm on someone why didn’t they make attention to the police at Elections and Boundaries which was at least a hundred yards away ? So I just laughed about it. So when I reached the police station the police station interviewed the young lady and interviewed me then I realized she works for the opposition I realized that it was just a political scandal just to basically get five minutes of fame. So I didn’t pay it any mind the policeman said they would do their investigation I gave them my contact, gave them my address everywhere I said you know where to find me, you know what kind of person I am I’m a cool cool going guy, friendly, smiling, clowning myself. I’m not a violent person.”

Love News did an interview with the woman, Carolee Parchue yesterday where she gave us an account of what transpired.  Things seem to have gotten more hostile as today Parchue told the media that she had gotten reports of Bradley circling her house.

Carolee Parchue: “I was never outside because I fear for my life so from the incident happened and I went home. I have been inside still shaken up, still numb from the situation that happened to me so I’ve been inside. It’s somebody called me and told me, they sent me a picture with this young man on my phone and asked me if this was the young man that the incident happened yesterday. When I saw the picture I told them yes it’s him. They said Carolee I just saw this young man fly past about five times past Victoria Street. I said but why ? What is the reason, why does he have to be doing that? It’s like the whole situation is being taken for a game or a toy, my life is not a game it’s not a toy so I won’t make him get away with it. Either the police does their part or else I will have to intervene and do my part. Last night they let go the young man, this morning that same said young man passed me this morning smiling in my face like it’s a joke. This is not a joke, when it comes to my life I am a single mother of five children if I don’t get up to work who will do it for me ? If I catch COVID who will help me with my babies, nobody. So that’s all I want I want justice for what he did because he shouldn’t have done me what he did me it makes no sense.”