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Charges pending for fatal RTA

Last Friday we reported on a fatal traffic accident in which Alden Rudolph Locke and Shane Goff died. The accident happened between mile 6 and 7 of the Phillip Goldson Highway and it was reported that a white Mercedes Benz being driven at the time by twenty four year old Eaton Belisle, reportedly lost control and collided into a pickup truck driven at the time by 51-year-old Yaun Sheng He. Locke and Goff were in the pan of the pickup truck along with other persons. Police believe that speeding may have contributed to the accident. Senior Superintendent of Police commanding Eastern Police Division Rural Edward Broaster gave the media an update.

Senior Superintendent of Police Edward Broaster -OC Eastern Division Rural

“Both drivers were served with notices of intended prosecution. The driver Eaton Belisle checked himself out of the hospital the very night of the accident. His attorney had promised to bring him in for the charges that will be levied against him.”


“You say that the driver of the vehicle was evading police?”

Senior Superintendent of Police Edward Broaster

“At this time yes.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News

“Is he wanted?

Senior Superintendent of Police Edward Broaster

“Yes. As of today I hope that Mr. Gordon invites you all on the ride around we will be enforcing speed, we have obtained the speed gun, we’ll be enforcing speed and we’ll be enforcing other traffic violations between Haulover Bridge and the Sand Hill junction.”