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Charges Yet to Be Laid in Petty Officer Shooting; Arzu to Be Flown Out for Medical Attention

Five persons have been detained for questioning in connection with the shooting of Petty Officer 3rd class in the Belize Coast Guard, Daniel Arzu. Arzu was shot to the head on Neal’s Pen Road on Monday evening. While Arzu is at the KHMH recovering, investigators are trying to figure out who did it and why. Southside Commander, ACP Chester Williams, gave us an update.


“We are almost sure that we have the shooter but we always have that hurdle where people are reluctant to give written statement to the police in terms of their observation during the commission of any crime and we are hoping that we will be able to get someone who can give us their version of the story in writing that way we can have something of evidential value on which we can effect an arrest in relation to that matter but we continue to work on the investigation it is a crime just like any other crime that we would want to solve. Like I said before when a person is of such a character as he is not being involved in any gang or criminal activities it is difficult to ascertain a motive when things occur to them. Normally robbery would be a motive but we do not think that robbery was a motive in this case.”

Williams says that plans are being made to get Arzu to Mexico to seek for further medical treatment.


“Daniel Arzu Jr is responding well to the medication and the swelling on the brain is going down so as we speak arrangements are being made to transfer him to the Naval Hospital in Mexico where they believe he will be able to get better treatment for the injuries that he sustained. We remain optimistic that he will pull through and Mr.Arzu is one of us, we will do what we can to assist in that regard to get him to Mexico and I’m sure the Coast Guard through the support of Admiral Borland is also doing their best from their end to ensure that he goes to Mexico and gets the treatment he rightly deserves.”

Arzu is the son of Officer Commanding Benque Veijo del Carmen, Superintendent Daniel Arzu.