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Charred Remains in Burnt Vehicle Suspected to be Pamela Lino

Police are trying to establish the identity of charred human remains found inside a Kia Sportage SUV at around 2:30 this morning. The discovery was made on Mile 21 on the George Price Highway in front of the Youth Hostel. Investigators are treating the matter as a murder and that’s because the driver of the vehicle avoided a police check point stationed at Mile 15. When officers on duty noticed the vehicle avoiding the checkpoint, they pursued the heavily tinted vehicle. It was later that the vehicle was found engulfed in flames. Deputy Commander of Rural Eastern Division, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Juanito Cocom shared a few details.


“Hattieville Police were conducting a vehicle checkpoint in front of the Hattieville Police Station on the George Price Highway when a dark in color Kia Sportage SUV diverted the checkpoint. The vehicle was coming from the direction of Belmopan to Belize City and upon seeing the checkpoint it diverted and returned to the direction of Belmopan. As a result the Hattieville police mobile set chase however they did not encounter the vehicle. Shortly after Hattieville police personnel discovered a vehicle engulfed in flames at mile 21 in front of the hostel. After the fire was extinguished police observed what appeared to be the charred human remains between the front and rear passenger seat of the vehicle. The scene was processed, the charred remains of Jane/John Doe awaits analysis. We are receiving information from the people that might have seen something but that has not yet been fully confirmed as well because we are receiving conflicting reports potential witnesses about the number of occupants.”

Sources told Love News that the vehicle is registered to one Pamela Lino from the Cayo District. Friends told us that Lino has not reported to work and has yet to be located, leaving her family very concerned. Pathologist, Dr. Mario Estradabran, was at the scene this afternoon conducting an onsite post mortem. The result of that post mortem has yet to be released.