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Chawla Challenges Belize Bureau of Standards

For his part Chawla has kept up the fight. He fired yet another release in response to the Belize Bureau of Standards.  He says, in part, quote, “With reference to the press release from the Belize Bureau of Standards: Since rice is a staple food for majority of Belizeans, occurrence of aflatoxins as contaminants should be a serious health concern. Even if the levels are low, each Belizean consumes approximately ten pounds of rice per month, so the chronic exposure and bioaccumulation of the toxin at the end of the year can be harmful. Chronic effects (repeated exposure to low or even very low doses) are the most worrying, because of eating habits and the lasting effect of the toxins. Acknowledging that the competent authorities are the departments to whom the letter and test results were sent twice and no response was forthcoming. Perhaps then the media can get answers to the questions from the Bureau of Standards and BAHA to provide the results of testing on food products over the last five years and specifically to let the public know how much of their sincere effort and attention is allocated to do testing, to safeguard the health of the nation against biological and chemical contaminants.”  End of quote.  Chawla, in his response added that he would be willing to finance the cost of testing for any of the local rice samples so that the question of integrity can be addressed.  His release ended with, quote, “Our intention is in keeping our sincere promise to Belizeans to be able to enjoy safe, wholesome, quality food at affordable prices.”  End of quote.