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Chester Appreciates Criticisms But Welcomes Solutions and Ideas

As ACP Williams and Dianne Finnegan continue their interventions and various initiatives with the objective of fighting crime, they have come under heavy criticism on social media with some commenting that Williams may be doing these programs for the accolades and attention and that their behaviour toward the persons receiving the intervention may be untoward.  In other words, their motives are selfish for the works they are doing with the gangs and criminal element.  Today, Love News asked Chester Williams to respond to those allegations and criticisms.


“If they think they can do better then they can come and do it. They say social work is not something that should be done by the police. That is why we have the social department but we are seeing a new phenomenon in policing where across the globe social work has become a very integral part of policing because to be able to police effectively we must be able to understand the social dynamics of what is taking place around us and I took it upon myself that I study the social background of the people that I deal with on south side Belize City because once you understand that then you will know how to react to them and I do not expect to be liked by all I am sure I am loved by many and I am respected by all so I continue to do that work that I do despite the few critics that I have. I think for the most part majority of Belizeans not only in Belize City but across the country appreciate the work we do on south side Belize City and it’s not about me I work with a team of people, whether it is the intervention team or my police officers on the ground and I appreciate everyone around me because they make me better and the people who criticise me I also say thanks to them because the criticism they level makes me better because it makes me look at things from their perspective and see how I can change some of the things I am doing because some of the criticisms are valid and I can’t sit and think that I am immune to these things, it’s just the way I respond to it. I think I have been quite well in ignoring people that I don’t need to hear. We continue to do what we do despite the criticism. I am sure that those person who criticize cannot do better than what we are doing and if they think they can then step up to the plate, put your ideas on the table and we will listen. If they make sense and we think they can help us in alleviating the crime problems in Belize City we are willing to adapt to whatever idea that they have, this is not about us this is about Belize and anyone who can contribute to the betterment of Belize I welcome them.”

ACP Williams went on to say what has powered him to go above and beyond his call as a police officer.


“What is in this for me? Nothing. I do this because I want to do it, because I care about those people out on the street. Every life is important because every time a person is killed on our streets that person has a parent or somebody who loves them who will be left to grieve. I’m sick and tired of seeing people on TV because they lost someone and that is one of the reasons that motivated me to do this, to stop mothers from crying on the TVs because they have lost their children.”

ACP Williams says he has an open door policy for anyone who has positive ideas and contributions to fighting crime.