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Chester Goes From Curfew to Mentorship

A number of stakeholders involved with child safety in Belize have rejected the idea of the curfew brought by Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams. One of those stakeholders is UNICEF. UNICEF representatives have criticized the action including the methodology being used. Love News spoke to Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams who shared his thoughts on the issue.


“I really and truly do not want to respond to any comment that UNICEF has made. I believe that I have clearly outlined what is the police’s position and most importantly I will state that what we are doing is basically enforcing the laws that are in our books and if anyone has an issue with the enforcement of a law then they should not take up that issue with me. I didn’t make the law. As a police officer I am here to enforce the law and that is exactly what we are doing so to respond to the concern that you are saying that UNICEF has I am not going to respond to it but I will say this: that as a part of the curfew initiative what we will be doing, I am in dialogue with Ms. Cuellar from the YMCA to see if there is any way that we can establish a mentorship program. So those same children that we will move off the street as a result of the curfew we want to keep track of them and what we want to do that, after we have a certain number of them we will be bringing them to the Y for a mentorship program and as a part of the mentorship program we want to get some of the people who have had serious encounters with the police who have been out there involved in criminal activities, in gang activities to come and speak to them so that they can understand what their lifestyle has been with a view to deter the younger children from  living the type of life that they have lived.”