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Chester Lashes Out On Social Media

Senior Superintendent Chester Williams is not giving up on the police peace rally initiative and he has his share of challenges. Last week he posted on his Facebook page a lengthy rant in which he went on to describe how he feels about others who are trying to undermine his efforts. He stated quote,  “It is sad to see how we are spending so much extra effort working with young people and those living the gang life to change their way of life and stop the violence and the same effort we are putting in trying to help them some people are putting in to aggravate these people to keep living the violent life style”, end of quote. When asked about it, Chester simply shared that the matter has been dealt with.



“In respect to my Facebook post I am not going to say who it was directed to, but I maintain the fact that as a police organization it is imperative on us that we work together and if we work together we can achieve a lot more and that is what I want to achieve. I will not go too much into the post the situation has been dealt with and I trust and hope that we can move forward from there.”