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Chester Sends Strong Message to Criminal Elements

This morning we received a complaint from the notorious Meighan Brothers of Banak Street. They say that GSU officers barged into their home early this morning. They allege that several GSU officers beat them and one of their sisters badly. The Meighan brothers are known to be gang affiliates and today when Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, was asked about it, he said exactly what was on his mind.


“All I will say is what I said yesterday I meant it and I say it with no remorse. Many parents have been grieving, have been on the TV crying and suffering, having lost their loved ones at the hands of people. One packet of people out there who seemingly want to terrorize Belize City and that behavior will not be tolerated and I mean that. It will not be tolerated. When it comes to going after them we will go after them and they can go and shout and scream on the TV for all I care. The people of Belize City are tired of them. I’m not speaking specifically to Ms.Meighan but to all those persons out there committing criminal acts, causing grief to parents for having taken their loved ones, it need to come to an end and as the police we will do what we need to do to bring the matter to an end. I will not tolerate them so those persons who complained the complaint will be referred to internal affairs to investigate and the chips will fall where they may. I will tell you that often times police go to these houses and they want to attack the police, want to threaten the police and expect that the police must just remain there like statues allowing them to do what they want to do to the police. If you assault the police and resist arrest the police will do what is necessary to subdue you and get you in custody. No man out there is bigger than the police, none and we are not going to back down from any situation, we are going to face it head on and I can assure you that in the end we will be victorious.”