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Chester Takes to Social Media to Aid In Police Investigations

If you keep up with Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester William’s Facebook Page, you can now find daily investigation updates on his timeline.  For example, this post that he made yesterday concerning the murder of Marlon Bonner, he wrote, “We now have the suspected gunman; the man who was brave enough to go and shoot Mr Bonner bare-faced in the presence of so many others.  But the usual problem is manifesting itself – no one wants to give a statement.” Today, we spoke with ACP Williams about his new strategy of using Facebook as a tool in police’s investigation.


“It is a new strategy I try to use where I use social media to be able to reach out to a more broader audience in terms of what the police has been doing in Southside Belize City so yes I have been using my Facebook page to put information out for people to see. I do get a lot of people who give me information through social media and I appreciate the information that we have been getting some good and some not too accurate but at the end of the day every information that we get a report on we look at it to see where we go from there so it is a strategy I will continue to see how best we could build relationships with the public through social media. Social Media is a very good thing.”

Williams assures that information given to him via any medium, even on social media, is dealt with maximum confidentiality.