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Chetumal Records Increase in Belizean Visitors

And while, the Belize Tourism Board is boasting of the large number of visitors from the US and Europe coming to Belize, the officials in Chetumal, Quintana Roo are speaking of an influx of Belizeans crossing the border.  According to the publication, La Jornada Maya, there has been a significant increase in locals heading over the Santa Elena border.  The news publication noted that according to the Belizean Consul in Quintana Roo, Jorge Valencia, the contributing factor for the increased visitors to Mexico may have to do with the problem that exists between Belize and Guatemala with people making a conscious effort to boycott the border areas as well as their products and services.  For the first half of 2016, the records at the Institute of Migration recorded over one hundred thousand Belizeans arriving into the state of Quintana Roo, reflecting a two percent increase when compared to last year.  Noriko Gamero of the Belize Tourism Board told Love News today that they will continue their campaign encouraging Belizeans to be a traveller within Belize.


“One of our biggest campaigns which we did last year which is during the slow season we wanted to increase the heads to beds so we promoted the Belizean traveler campaign and we worked with our stakeholders to try to get them to offer a minimum of 30% to 40% discount and that’s not only room it could have been full package deals to Belizeans. It work out very well so we are going to implement it again this year. In addition to that we pushed the videos of the different regions that Belize has to offer and we continue to let Belizeans know that there is so much to do in your own country there is no need to go anywhere else.”

The article went on to say that while authorities are expecting a dip in Belizean arrivals over the summer, they believe the figures will bounce back by late August or early September.  It was concluded that the average Belizean visitor spends an average of fifty dollars per person and with that the Belizean visitor has been a major contributor to the state’s revenue.