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US Team of Urban Planners in Belize to Tackle Yarborough

A group of urban designers and city planners are in Belize from the American Planning Association and Community Planning Assistant Teams (CPAT). The team is in Belize to start a survey plan in order to redevelop neighborhoods in Belize. The survey project is in collaboration with the Belize City Council and the Inter-American Development Bank. Love News spoke to one of the Urban Designer and City Planner Justin Moore and he explained what will take place over the next couple days.


We’re looking at the City of Belize in really kind of a large understanding of the environmental, social, redevelopment of certain neighborhoods. We’re going to be looking explicitly at the Yarborough neighborhood which is along the waterfront, between downtown and the port and looking at recommendations for changes in land hues, planning, housing, public infrastructure in that community and speaking and meeting with a number of stakeholders in that community.”

Moore explained that the alleviation project of infrastructure and zone updates are specifically for the Southside of Belize City.


“This particular plan is looking at that one neighborhood zone, there are prior initiatives that looked really city wide especially at the waterfront communities so the canal the river and along the shore those were broad recommendations but it was  lot of work and a lot of efforts so our team is really coming here to look at one of those neighborhoods in greater detail and develop plans that can work at that community level.”

The team plans to work on vision survey, which means that depending on the reviews and feedback they receive from the Yarborough community, they will develop a plan around those ideas. Moore invites the public to be interactive with the group while they are in the community.


As a part of the work we will be out in the community and meeting with people. We really want to encourage people from the neighborhood and from the city to come and engage with us, if you see us walking around come say hi. Come to some of the meetings, bring pictures of your neighborhood or things that you think are important for your community.”  

The group plans to come back with another team to continue survey and planning once the ground work is completed later this week.