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Chief Education Officer’s SUV Catches Fire

As the Education Minister is looking to see if his vehicle can be recovered after being driven into the sea, his Chief Education Officer, Dr Carol Babb was experiencing issues with her Government issued SUV as it had caught fire.  Minister Patrick Faber spoke of what he knows of this incident.


“I was on the scene because when they called me; Dr. Babb called me to say the vehicle was on fire it was around the same time that I had learnt of my vehicle being in the sea and I had left old Belize and I was making my way home and so I was in the area and I stopped by and I actually saw the vehicle on fire. I suspect that that is no kind of sabotage that it might genuinely be some kind of electrical problem that vehicle may have experienced. As I’ve said that used to be the vehicle that I had for 5 years before Dr.Babb started using it and you know people might look at vehicles and say wow these are fairly new vehicles compared to; but they take a lot of beating in terms of moving all around this country and certainly when I have a vehicle we go to very remote areas and so there is a good number of mileage on any of my vehicles and when I say that I don’t mean the mileage literally but wear and tear and so forth on the vehicle.”

Dr Babb’s vehicle was handed down to her when Minister Faber got his 2013 Toyota Prado just after the UDP Convention in March 2013.