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Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai speaks voter’s list cleanup

The last re-registration exercise was conducted in nineteen ninety seven.  In July of this year an attempt to clean up the voters list was undertaken. Today at the Stake Holder’s Information Sharing Session, Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai explained how they filtered deceased persons from the list.

Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai: “The purpose of the re registration exercise: one of the main objectives is exactly that to filter out persons who have been deceased. Remember that in order for an application to be accepted a person must present themselves in person so for persons who have passed away those person will not be able to apply to get registered so this exercise is basically to deal with deceased persons because we realise that persons are deceased daily. I will tell you that they Ministry of Health shared their statistics with us in terms of persons who have passed away on monthly basis in order for us to clean that list and even with this reregistration exercise we know that we have persons who have registered since the re registration period started and who have passed away. This exercise we will also be filtering out those persons. We will conduct an investigation to establish that yes those persons are deceased and the names will be removed and that is an ongoing process. The representation of the People’s Act actually speaks to the months of February, May, June, July, August and an annual revision which is from the first of October to the 1st of November where we remove deceased persons.”

Tamai said there are a number of new electors being included in the list.

Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai: “We tried our best to get information from the Statistical Institute of Belize in terms of persons who are qualified to get registered. Yes they have a voter age population but what we understand is that the voter age population figure that they actually have does not tell you the country, it does not tell you if the person is Belizean. It gives you the country of birth but it does not tell you if that person is eligible so we were not able to use those statics to get an accurate comparison and I must add that as recently as yesterday we went in to St. Johns Jr. College to do registration because the school requested. We passed the information and even today we extended invitation to many of the sixth forms, to universities to be here because we want to hear from them as well about how we could reach out to those persons even in terms of the youth groups. I know you mention about the youth. I want use this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Youth Department who assisted us in terms of getting ads out at no cost to us so we have youths engaged. If you notice the ads that we have a majority of them that are the youths, the young people actually doing the ads for us and yes we have a lot more to go and we want to ask for your help.”

Registration continues at Election and Boundaries offices countrywide.