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Chief Environmental Officer says dredging poses no threat to reserve

The Government of Belize has approved dredging at Cayo Rosario and the concern is whether it will pose a threat to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Many organizations including the San Pedro Tour Guides Association oppose the project. Martin Alegria, Chief Environmental Officer, told Love news that the dredging doesn’t pose any threat.

Martin Alegria – Chief Environmental Officer: The judging that I know that was approved at the site was the two access lanes for the barge and the boats to access during construction material and supplies and when operational it will be where the peers will be to bring in clients and so on so those are the two areas I recall given the go ahead to judge but its minimal and hopefully it is done manually. The bigger sourcing of material is what I think you are concerned about, that has been already clarified to them that  has to be sourced outside the immediate area of the key because it is a marine reserve but not only that but you have conservation zone area that is a no no to do certain activities. There are general use areas which certain things are allowable and then in Southside the reserve and such, where you know it’s not as legally binding through the Marine protected areas laws.



Cayo Rosario is located on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye.