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Chief Environmental Officer says oil spill contained

It was reported in the media that there was an oil spill in Spanish Lookout on Sunday, July 8.  According to the report, approximately one thousand gallons of oil was spilled. Love News spoke with Martin Alegria, the Chief Environmental Officer, who could not give us the exact amount of oil that was spilled, but said it was not a large amount. Alegria further stated that the environmental officers were immediately dispatched to the area after learning of the spill.

Martin Alegria – Chief Environmental Officer: We were there Sunday and Monday making sure that all the precautions were taken into consideration even though BNE has its own well trained personnel and equipment to deal with these spills that occur so we were there up to Friday last to make sure that it was properly sealed and at the area that was impacted is cleaned as much as possible in order to let it go back to as clean as it was before, removing those oil contaminated site, carrying it to BNE’s remediation site that they have that they dump these soil that was mixed up with the oil and replace those areas with new soil, what pictures that I got from my staff is what was there and so yes the drains are still black but like I said those will be remediated as soon as possible this week.

Alegria said that the vegetation has not been affected by the spill which was a result of a faulty pipeline. The Ministry of the Environment directed BNE to make an assessment of their pipeline network and replace the faulty pipelines.