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Child Advisory Board Remains Active in Belize City

In 2013 the Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley launched his commitment for making the city child friendly in collaboration with UNICEF.  As part of that commitment, the Child Advisory Body came about comprising of a dozen young persons between the ages of seven and seventeen.  These young persons as noted by City Councillor, Hyacinth Latchman-Cuellar are engaged and consulted on various issues and projects under the Belize City Council umbrella.  We asked the councilor for an update on the progress of the Child Advisory Board.


“Going along quite fine, Renee. I must tell you that everything I do, particularly in the portfolio of women and children, these young people are consulted. Today when I give this donation, the president of the Child Advisory Body, Candace Armstrong, she usually goes along with me. She gives the nod, we speak to her, we speak to other members of the board, we have other initiatives coming on in the month of February that these youngsters will be fully a part of. They will be participating in simple things like the color of their shirts, what they want on their shirts, they make the decision; not me. I allow them to make those decisions whenever we are going to do something, right here this Saturday at the BTL Park. I have consulted with the president as well, certain entertainment that will be going on for the children. These are the things that I consult with them, I just don’t have them there taking pictures with them. No. We let them make decisions at the Belize City Council. We meet twice a month, particularly for the month of February, I have had to meet with Candice quite often, at least four times so far since ending of January to where we are now in February.”

The Child Advisory Board has engaged in several activities around the city including a reading project on the south side, distribution of food and hampers as well as Christmas endeavors for other children.