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Child involved in accident while in foster care

Damaris Avilez struggled for a month without seeing her child, she said she even had problems with the foster home where he had been placed. While he was in the care of another family, he sustained injuries due to an accident that occurred, and she was not aware of it. Avilez told us more about what she went through.

Damaris Avilez – Mother: “They handed him to persons I don’t know and that he doesn’t know. I didn’t have communication with him all that while and when I asked for visitation they told me they are going to staff it off. I was waiting and waiting but during that time he had an accident. He had a car accident and that is something that I won’t say I am fighting but it is something that they should have told me about . I found out myself when I went to see him, he had a bruise in his face and that is when I knew that he had an accident. I asked him what happened and he told me the story. It is almost a month since he has been here, I had two phone calls. One was a video call and one was a normal call that Mr. Guerra allowed me to speak with him and it is more than twenty days, almost a month and I got two phone calls and one visit. When I was visiting the lady told me that I cannot speak my language with my son. If that is my language, that is how I feel comfortable speaking then they are nobody to tell me that I cannot speak my language because that is my language and that is how I feel comfortable. I am not fighting with Human Services, I know they are trying to do their job but they are supposed to work more on that.”

According to Avilez, it is important for her to reiterate that in no way was her situation a case of human trafficking. She said that the man who takes her son to and from Guatemala is a friend whom she has known for the past ten years, and a person with whom she trusts her son.///