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Child in need of Bone Marrow transplant

Twelve year old Cleyon Marage Jr. has been fighting Leukemia for the last four years. Cleyon had received several treatments abroad and was recovering well. However things took a turn two weeks ago. According to his father Karick Garnett, Cleyon had to be placed on life support when his organs began to collapse.

Voice 1: His health has been deteriorating since his last treatment in February and it’s been hard on him. He’s been suffering a lot and basically since his last treatment he got sick and we had to admit him to the hospital and his mother took a blood test and sent the information to the doctors in Merida and they informed her that he would need to be admitted over there in order to take a stronger chemo because his body had seemed to be immune to the chemo that he was taking. His whole body started to have complication, his lungs started to fail, he was bleeding in his lungs, he was bleeding basically all over his body. They had to put a tube in him in order for him to breath and he actually was on life support and they had to resuscitate him a couple times due to his condition.

Garnett said they have been seeking assistance from the public to meet Cleyon’s medical expenses.

Voice 1: He only has three weeks to live since the last chemo and he has to undergo a bone marrow transplant and that is approximately $100,000 Belize dollars so we are just trying to raise funds or assistance from anyone out there probably a medical practitioner in order for him to get the bone marrow transplant done. He was a playful child, always fun to be around, very happy, into gadgets like computers and he liked to play games. He’s a very smart child as well, always came in the top three in his class.

If you would like to assist the family you can donate to Cleyon’s account at Scotia Bank number 9107868 or Holy Redeemer Credit union account number 52770.